About the Traveler

Hey, I’m Evelina.


Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I am a proud Canadian but I strongly dislike the cold. While winter sports and holiday-themed coffees are great, I simply cannot handle the bone-chilling frost and the multiple layers of clothing required to stay warm. You would think with me being Canadian I would be immune to the cold, but I’m not. Instead, I would use the winter months to travel to warmer places and escape the cold reality of back home. You can call me a child of the sun.

That being said, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I was a student heavily drowning in student loans. I worked multiple jobs at once and compromised my late teens and early twenties to save money. The struggle of being a student, however, briefly disappeared as I felt the sun rays of a new latitude as a traveler, and not as a young struggler. It became an addiction to go to places I’ve never been to before and meet strangers who would become lifelong friends. Knowing that I was boarding a plane or a train in weeks to come made the cold and the grueling studies bearable.

My Ah-ha Moment

Halfway through my university degree – have I mentioned I was studying to become a teacher? – I came across educational research that involved teaching students through a global curriculum for the greater good. In simpler terms, teachers can manipulate education mandates to make students’ learning relevant on a global spectrum. What extended this learning was the power of language and the understanding of people. By learning the ways in which people communicate, we can better work together to bring equity into the world. That’s when I realized I cannot be restricted to teaching in a classroom, and I can integrate my love for traveling with my passion for education.

I graduated from Teacher Education and continued to do a Master’s of Education where a focused on Global Citizenship Education and its current impact on schools in Ontario. Graduating from my Master’s in June 2017, I packed my bags and decided I needed to explore global citizenship education on my own terms without a formal curriculum. Since my ah-ha moment of bridging passions, I have visited 10+ countries and I am nowhere close to stopping. That brings me to this blog.

Where am I now?

While completing my Master’s, I used the winter break to escape the cold (surprise, surprise). I joined one of my friends on her trip to Israel to visit her family. This was my first time traveling to the Middle East and I was beyond excited to be in a new place and meet new lifelong friends. I did exactly that, and then some. I met her cousin who is now my fiancee (that’s a blog in and of itself!) and the takeaway from this very brief love story explanation is that we barely had a common language with which communicate. He spoke Arabic and Hebrew with minimal understanding of English, whereas I spoke English and Polish with absolutely no understanding of his known languages.  Somehow we managed to talk and laugh for hours on end until we fell in love and couldn’t be separated. I was determined to finish my Master’s faster than I estimated once I returned to Canada because I needed to continue my education exploration with him. I am living in Israel learning Hebrew and am planning my wedding. I don’t have a freezing winter to escape while in Israel, but I continue to have a burning desire to see the world. Join me as I follow the sun around the world and maybe our rays can cross paths.

Spreading peace and love one sunshine at a time.

Suns and kisses,

♥ Evelina